Denver Comic Con was a success no matter how you slice it. We sold out of books. We set a new daily sales record. But most of all, we proved comic conventions CAN be fun and an expression of popular creativity, not some mindless crush of humanity obsessing over a few megadollar projects. The conversations I had were amazing. People were actually interested in talking about the book, and the themes in it. I got in one memorable conversation about why Brutus and Cassius were put so deep in hell for betraying Caesar, when his dictatorial push was not exactly a positive mood (hint, it has to do with oaths of allegiance, not just opposition).
I always had a hint that once you get out of the greater LA / So Cal area we’d meet people less interested in fame and fortune and more interested in sharing jokes and stories. Even cities like Fresno and Las Vegas showed that to me. Denver City Comic Con was the first real demonstration of that theory.
Thanks for that, guys.
We also got an interview by Zen Lounge Podcast. First mention is at about 36:00, interview is at about 42:00.  And you can check out our photo gallery on my Instagram Р@rbassilian .