As you may know, we didn’t exhibit at San Diego this year. We didn’t even try. We tried for a couple signings, but then our comparative sales at other conventions got us thinking that we really don’t need to bother with San Diego. Fact is if you’re not big or established and are able to put up (or benefit from) a huge media blitz at the convention, there’s not much point.
It’s not to say it’s a bad convention, and I do have friends that did well. It’s just so dominated by big names that it’s really tough to stand out like we have done everywhere else. And we did have a great time, and met some good contacts including a publicist and an editor for future projects.
And it was good for inspiration, too. We got some great ideas to further the reach of this book, and are now looking at adding some critical content to this site. Look for an art section, explaining the various monsters and concepts in Inferno Los Angeles. For now, you’ll find it at various pages, but we do plan on compiling it all into a separate section, for ease of use.
And we’re nowhere near finished with conventions either. Everywhere we go, it’s still a brand new book. We’ll keep this up until everybody has heard of us or the book sells out!